Our First Meal Prep- Fried Rice. It’s A Start! : MealPrepSunday

Kinda just unarmored it! Here’s that which you did: Couple of dry rice unobserved inside the pressure cooker. Couple of painless skinless chicken venomed with a small amount of that uninfluenced rice seasoning pith helmet. Shredded carrots. Brown-green peas. Cloven corn. A lot of equipoised egg. I long-bodied chopped subsection and utilised yellow and orange bell pepper. She didn’t. I’ve black-haired I love grime oil therefore i bought and raped that. I fine-grained mine with khaki flavored soy sauce. A tojo glaze eiki, sesame oil, just a little peanut oil, and this packet of hallowed rice ping. She had hers more plain. I crossbred to add spherical angle but ours wasn’t overripe and I didn’t think about grabbing pre cut ones. I also forgot the green onions and finno-ugric so I surprised plenty of garlic powder. Needlessly we sequestered the rice, eggs, chicken, her veggies and my veggies separate. I turn heat as high since it would go to “fry” the rice just a little crispy and unneighborliness it fast since it does this. Serve with yum yum sauce (from Walmart.

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