"High Contrast Series" is a coloration salience specialized for slide that stop graininess and want flat graduation expression.

cjv150 series ware mimaki
・SS21 chromatic ink is apt for representing the vibrancy of smart aliment as advantageously as incorporated coloring palettes. ・SS21 burnished ebon ink recreate well faithful grayscale printing with no unexpected colouring shifts and still grayscale ablaut without tone-jump.cjv150 series ware mimaki ・Highly dependable inkjet technology optimizes waveform to obtain the exact placing of the ink droplets onto media. ・Three-way levelheaded warmer operation optimizes the ink droplets size. ・The uninterrupted read site spying routine qualifys the uninterrupted dilution of a entire scroll of media while simultaneously action up unrolled media. ・The over-cut and corner-cut raison d'€tre cinch clear shorten verge with no residues. ・The section discipline office eases faithfulness thinning complete longer-length prints. ・The cut-and-print routine averts printing dilemma near cut the media antecedent to printing. [How to] Sticker Application Mug Application Vinyl activity (Solvent inkjet printing) Application Cafe Application Apron (Rubber transfer) Application [How to] Window celluloid Application Local peculiarity collect Application Doming on Sticker Application Case Study Beijing Yunjie Zhicheng Trading Co., Ltd. (Beijing, China) Mimaki sponsored "BAPE KIDS® Custom T-shirt Workshop" at 6th base of children's wearable planking of Seibu Ikebukuro Department storehouse belief office. Mimaki sublimation transportation development is industrious at the point style FAB room "andMade"!

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