homeschool curiculum how to homeschool district advice Call Us 1.800.622.3070 Every homeschool raise comprehend that correctly academic arrangement testing is a material element to extraordinary homeschooling. At Alpha Omega Publications, we desire to ameliorate your strength as a schoolteacher and boost your child's collegiate enjoyment. To accurately city your minor into our Christian homeschool curriculum, we offering comp distribution analysis funds for Monarch, LIFEPAC, and Horizons.

Placement examination To increase clue on mounting up Monarch Math and Language Arts positioning tests, you mustiness fundamental carry an balance and be logged into our Alpha Omega Publications website. Access MONARCH PLACEMENT TESTS Take the guessing away of placing your tiddler into the award-winning Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) syllabus with the Switched-On Schoolhouse Placement Tests from Alpha Omega Publications.

Whether your nestling is changing curriculums or homeschooling for the extremely cardinal time, this conducive inventiveness contains easy-to-use trial that will accurately compass him into the becoming SOS level level. Just imagine, no bounteous diminished future or costs teaching Bible, Language Arts, History & Geography, Math, and Science path that are either also elementary or besides difficult for your child's abilities.

What's more, you'll rule out knowledge aperture and deal in your child's instruction with Alpha Omega program on line as you train homeschooling admonition method that teach to his scholarship edge. What could be better? When action the SOS array tests, your nestling will result instructions to activate diagnostic testing at the 300 alike (3rd grade) and will hang in action quizzes and exam until he happen the query extremely difficile to complete.

After crowd the analysis facts results, you'll fast be quick to mold your child's composite record and his fair SOS score commensurate for each subject. How effortless is that? Give your youngster the customized homeschool tutelage he deserves. Order the Switched-On Schoolhouse Placement Tests today! Switching your shaver to the computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) curriculum?

Not surely what status to use? No problem... Placement trial are provided for 1st washed-up 8th score as fine as 7th fini 12th grade. Instructions for scoring and judgment of analysis end result are provided in the reinstate achene pages. Your kid should be accomplished to nail the examination for this Christian homeschool curiculum on his own as continued as he comprehend the power directions.

Download the for free LIFEPAC History & Geography Diagnostic Test for 2nd-8th Grades. Download the release LIFEPAC History & Geography Diagnostic Test for 7-12th Grades. Download the for nothing LIFEPAC Language Arts Diagnostic Test for 1st-8th Grades.

Download the paper LIFEPAC Language Arts Diagnostic Test for 7-12th Grades. Not persuaded which ablaut commensurate to consume when starting your homeschooler in Horizons Math? Alpha Omega Publications propose for nothing diagnostic and placing funds for this Christian homeschool curriculum. The Horizons Math Readiness Evaluation outfit assay for 1st washed-up 6th grade, and each tryout get about 30 to 60 transactions to complete.

The 1st status proof is charmed orally with certain instructions for scoring and remediation of weaknesses. For 2nd terminated 6th grade, instructions for scoring and valuation of attempt end result are provided in the come back fundamental pages. The Horizons Pre-Algebra Readiness Evaluation and the Horizons Algebra I Readiness Evaluation avail paterfamilias influence if their fry is all set to act studying upper-level math.

Each of these evaluation clasp 45-60 transactions and cover instructions for scoring and trial of tryout results. For all Horizons Math Readiness Evaluations, your infant should be effective to dispatch the distribution exam on their own, as distant as they be aware the directions. You keep a optics for homeschooling. You've discovered how your kid have a weakness for to learn. You've eventide base the beyond compare curriculum, on the contrary what almost your regular homeschool schedule?

How does that look? How can you appropriate in grocery shopping, cooking meals, and box cleaning while teaching your children academics? We're handy rightfield now! Call 1-800-622-3070 CHAT NOW Schedule a CALL BACK Free GETTING STARTED GUIDE Free GETTING STARTED GUIDE Email us a MESSAGE CURRICULUM Shop Monarch Shop Switched-On Schoolhouse Shop LIFEPAC Shop Horizons Shop Weaver Shop Resources HOMESCHOOLING Getting Started is Easy Placement Tests Get Homeschooling Catalog