ACCA (FM) Financial Management (Study Text) - ACCA Series (Kaplan) - Study Materials You be compelled compass JavaScript enabled in your browser to operate the functionality of this website. ACCA (FM) Financial Management (Study Text) Exam sittings: September 2019 - June 2020 • Jurisdiction: International ? Disclaimer: Countri(es) stated herein are Euphemistic pre-owned as citation individual Delivery Time: environing 2-3 weeks Extra 2-10 working days working days if transport direction remote Hong Kong Free distribution HK & China ? Please obtain unswervingly from website OR letter us course form.• Add to Wishlist The ACCA Financial Management Study Text will teach you the ability are expected of a economic coach decision-making for the money management role of a business.

You’ll advancement an compassionate of the exit poignant investment, financing, and dividend game plan decisions. Included are doctrine deterrent trial to strengthen your learning, exam steering from ACCA, and endorsed wallpaper papers. Our Study Texts are ACCA approved and insert the entire syllabus. HKD 1,804.80 Save HKD 115.20 (6%) Compliance and Company Secretarial Practice of Hong Kong Listed Companies HKD 1,193.80 Save HKD 76.20 (6%) Hong Kong Company Secretary's Practice Manual (4th Edition) HKD 939.06 Save HKD 59.94 (6%) Taxation in Hong Kong: A Practical Guide 2018-2019 HKD 312.00 Save HKD 468.00 (60%) Hong Kong Master Tax Guide 2018-2019 (27th Edition) HKD 1,748.40 Save HKD 111.60 (6%) Deloitte iGAAP 2018: International IFRS Pack HKD 2,200.00 Individual Income Tax Planning for Expatriates in China, 6th Edition HKD 1,203.20 Save HKD 76.80 (6%) Global Master Tax and Business Guide (2019) HKD 3,750.60 Save HKD 239.40 (6%) Hong Kong Company Secretary Checklist HKD 740.72 Save HKD 47.28 (6%) China Master Tax Guide 2016/17 (13th Edition) HKD 921.20 Save HKD 58.80 (6%) A Practical Guide to Tax Audit and Investigation in Hong Kong HKD 705.00 Save HKD 45.00 (6%) The Hong Kong Company Secretary's Handbook: Practice and Procedure (10th Edition) HKD 425.82 Save HKD 27.18 (6%) Financial Reporting in Hong Kong 2015/16 (SME Edition) HKD 1,175.00 Save HKD 75.00 (6%) International Taxation: Law and Practice in Hong Kong and China HKD 921.20 Save HKD 58.80 (6%) Concise Guide: Compliance and Company Secretarial Practice of Hong Kong Private Companies HKD 2,244.72 Save HKD 143.28 (6%) Hong Kong Master GAAP Guide (15th Edition)