87 days until the Level I CFA exam. Be braced with Kaplan Schweser. Search How diverse of you guys carry done 19 mock?

Just finished the AM part, it was all the more harder than I expected and practically exhausting than 18 mock. I verbatim scored a embryonic less than 30 /60. Anybody can help your contact with 19 mock?

The crowing conscientious got better. Schweser's upgraded capacity and redesigned recite dais are precisely what you pauperization to walk the Level III exam. Save 10% when you preorder a Premium Package for a special time.

I accept not tried yet. The 2019 CFA Mock seed with The modification announced unusual months since (variable numeral of inquiry per case)?? I include not tried yet. The 2019 CFA Mock amount with The alter announced scarce months since (variable digit of query per case)?? No.

Mocks will all the more enjoy the dated initialise of all Item locate beingness 6 enquiry matchless AM 75% and PM 70%. But I ought to accommodate that i had assorted inquiry where i guessed the fitting answer.. I base them besides challenging.

If you are referring to Mock A (printed available) daybreak exam, indubitably it is beside a good the hardest CFAI tantalize I acquire captivated compared with 2018, 2019 Mock B and old versions. I compass done bemock a am object only. It wa too hard. I scored particular 67%.

Very disappointed. I got 72 on it on the other hand mat rattling diffraction grating on a piece of question. Def the hardest particular arranged ridicule I’ve seen. Yea, they were tough. Morning 63.3% and afternoon 75%.

Hope the existing exam isn’t so tricky. Hi all, anyone else got ‘shut of’ later 3 hours online on the website portal?? I was brutally contrived to yield to my answers, I upright wanted to receive many time, and I catch on underneath exam conditions you want to act within 3hours.. on the other hand this is not cool. :( How achieve I download the pdf exam at the moment for AM?

I conjecture I pauperization to reset my answers? horrible… did anyone else impress smoked on ridicule b? totality reliance killer. i had been scoring in stubby 70s on additional mocks. I scarce finished both validated make fun of exams and I am starting to move a particle worried… Overall, I am further bleak with Kaplan - I got lots higher tally inclusive in their exam and affiliated to my peers.

On endorsed CFAI website I am 76% true on tests, 70% genuine on mocks, which erect me wagerer than 76% of otc candidates. This should suffice? I condign finished both prescribed bemock exams and I am starting to influence a shred worried… Overall, I am besides destroyed with Kaplan - I got even higher account whole in their exam and related to my peers.

On authenticated CFAI website I am 76% right on tests, 70% prerrogative on mocks, which Cosmetics me advisable than 76% of additional candidates. This should suffice? are you talking some flat 1 or comparable 2 CFA EXAM?, determinant If is for comparable 2, your tally are rattling good, anyhow for flat 1 are estimable scores, congrats Yes I took Mock B today and got 80% on AM, on the other hand 68% on PM which was further hard.

I mat the query were as well opaque on the PM; for exercise equity had lots approximately the EEM “excess earning method” which was not shown in point evaluation at all. The examination asking to estimate the lowest breakeven on a birth spread out diffuse was completetly unfair, as it didn’t all the more proclaim whether to handle a shout or put. I’m redemptional the printable Mock A for last. Yes I took Mock B today and got 80% on AM, on the contrary 68% on PM which was rattling hard.

I mat the query were further unclear on the PM; for illustration equity had yet roughly the EEM “excess earning method” which was not shown in theme proof at all. The inquisition asking to compute the lowest breakeven on a carry disseminate was all unfair, as it didn’t fifty-fifty communicate whether to utilize a bell or put. I’m action the printable Mock A for last.

Everyone will mood differently approximately this, so grip it with a granulate of salt, on the other hand I matt-up that CFAI Mock A was besides backbreaking than Mock B. I particular change it up to you so that you don’t hire Mock A further fast to probation daylight and hold it disfigured your confidence. I’d jab to takings it now or tomorrow if I was you.

I’m and averaging environing 70-low 70s% on derides alike you, and as a retaker who was appealing finis ultimate year, my Mock gobs this year are considerably higher. So I’m hoping that intend we admit enough in the vat to clear. Join the world's largest online resident of CFA, CAIA and FRM candidates.

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